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President of the Tonga National Commission for UNESCO

President of the Tonga National Commission for UNESCO

Authority, Structure, Members, Functions & Secretariat


Established by His Majesty’s Cabinet on 11 September, 1984 as an agency within the Ministry of Education (Cabinet Decision No. 1312 of 11 September, 1984.


The President of the Commission shall be either the Minister of Education or, if the Minister so decides, a person recommended by him/her and approved by Cabinet. The Commission shall also have a Vice-President and consists of not less than 7 members representing educational, scientific, cultural and information governmental and non-governmental institutions, departments and bodies. The Minister of Education shall have the authority to appoint the President of the Commission, Vice-President, and all members of the Commission, with the consent of Cabinet, for a period of two years. Sub-committees of the Commission may be established by the Commission to carry out studies and research work on related activities of UNESCO or other matters as deem necessary by the Commission.


At least twice a year.


President: Minister of Education and Training, Hon. Dr. ‘Ana Maui Taufe’ulungaki (President); Vice-President: Minister of Internal Affairs, Lord Vaea; Other members:- (a) Government Ministries:- 1. Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Education & Training; 2. Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Internal Affairs; 3. Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Information and Communications; 4. Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Lands, Environment, Climate Change & Natural Resources; 5. Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Finance and National Planning. (b) Non-Government Organisations – Representative of:- 1. Tonga National Centre for Women and Children; 2. Tonga National Youth Congress; 3. Tonga National Media Council; 4. Civil Society Forum of Tonga; 5. University of the South Pacific Tonga Campus. (c) Bodies – Representative of:- 1. Tonga Traditions Committee; 2. Association of Directors of Non-Government Education Systems 3. Legislative Assembly.


1. To advise the Minister of Education on all matters relating to UNESCO and its programmes; 2. To serve as a liaison agency between UNESCO and after consultation with the Ministry of Education, with Government Ministries and departments, as well as institutions, organisations and individuals concerned with and working for the advancement of education, science, culture, communications and information in Tonga; 3. To assist in the active participation of Tonga in the preparation, planning, execution and evaluation of UNESCO’s programmes and activities; 4. To make UNESCO’s aims and objectives better known, by involving the intellectual and scientific communities in the process of preparation and implementation of UNESCO’s programmes and by disseminating information on them; 5. To assist the Minister of Education in the preparation for and participation in sessions of the General Conference and other inter-governmental meetings organized by UNESCO; 6. To foster and develop relations with other National Commissions for UNESCO, particularly with those in the region, and to participate with them in joint programmes and studies on matters of interest to UNESCO and to their countries and Tonga and to initiate other activities of interest to the country; 7. To carry out other duties as may be assigned to it by the Minister of Education.


The Tonga National Commission for UNESCO shall have a Permanent Secretariat which will be an agency within and paid for its operating expenses including salaries/wages by Government through the Ministry of Education. The Permanent Secretariat of the Commission is to be composed of a Secretary-General and three other officers. Current staff: Secretary-General: Mrs. Lucy Moala-Mafi, Deputy Director, Ministry of Education and Training (work undertaken on a part-time basis in addition to responsibilities as Head of the Human Resource Management Section in the Ministry of Education and Training).



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